A retreat

that combines both elements of earth & air.
Earth & Air brings wholesomeness of earth on mat & air on hammock.

Brought by passionate practitioners and teachers of both elements; experience both worlds on a curated wellness weekend retreat, a buffet for the body, mind & soul.

Let us take you on trip!

Explore practices of Earth & Air

Communion of mind & body into artistic blissful forms of aerial art expressions.

Bringing earth-grounding practices and ethereal air expressions through aerial arts on a quiet serene sea setting of Tioman Islands.

You will

Enjoy a vacation, a break, a treat, an occasion for that girls’ or boys’ trip or just a group of  friends who love yoga and want to practice Yoga abundantly on a holiday.

Immerse in that Yoga Retreat you always wanted to experience.

Experience aerial yoga arts from accomplished aerial trainers. If you have always wanted to try aerial yoga, imagine experiencing your first aerial yoga on the beach!

Love our Location, Location, Location!

Indulge in a technical workshop retreat for current aerialists, on foundations, aerial basics, and technicals on aerial silk and yoga swing poses whilst flowing to sunrise & sunset beach flow.

Start your day with Sun Salutations at sunrise and wind down the day with relaxing sunset beach yoga and relaxing night Yoga Nidra session.

Get grounded & earth yourself with wind down to beach yoga & aerial flows.

Get acquainted with mindful sound bath meditations and soulful wellness and self care rituals. 

Fine and tune your practice to both elements of earth & air harmoniously. 

Just simply enjoy the beach, take tons of photos & have fun!

Retreat Leaders & Guest Facilitators

Amni -Earth

Amni has taught yoga and aerial to various students of all ages and injuries; children, athletes, senior citizens and working professionals. Amni’s love and passion for aerial arts has gotten her to explore aerial silks and lyra. In her free time she hosts community yoga classes and teach to fundraise for charity events.

Zsa Zsa- Earth 

Rejuvenation, balance & strength through Yoga drives Zsa Zsa  in her practice of Hatha & Aerial Swing delivering the holistics of Yoga Nidra influence into mindful class experience. 

Ame Turner – Air

Ame began her yoga journey after her experience with aerial. With that familiarity, she began to implement more conscious poses and sequences into her aerial lessons hoping that her students will learn and understand their bodies better.

Heather Lim – Air

Connection of the mind and body forms a strong part of Heather’s practice. She hopes to inspire this aspect of mindful practice when on the hammock. There’s nothing to gain from the asana and everything to gain on the journey there,

Gula Gula Handmade- Soul

Experience a mini taster Macrame workshop with Arlina Anwar from Gula Gula Handmade.

Her passion and love for macrame art has brought Arlina to share her creative gift by organising workshops around Kuala Lumpur.

More insights to Arlina’s intricate creations at:

Instagram: gulagula.my

Facebook: Gula Gula Handmade

Dr. Andrew Tan -Soul

A medical practitioner and at the same time a Japan Pastel Hope Art Association (JPHAA) certified Pastel Nagomi Art (PNA) Advance Instructor, Dr. Andrew Tan is a believer in holistic health which he will be sharing PNA sessions.
PNA is a form of healing art founded by Mr Hosoya Norikatsu (細谷典克) in Japan. The kanji character of “NAGOMI” is ‘和’, which means harmony, calm and peace. The mission of PNA is “Toward Achieving a Society that is Spiritually Rich, Healthy, Harmonious & Balanced”.
Using pastels and fingers to create a gentle, transparent, warm and heart-touching art through simple yet unique ways of painting technique. Regardless of age and not required any previous mastery of art, anyone can complete a piece of artwork within the time given without much difficulty.
Dr. Andrew Tan is also a practitioner of Yoga & Aerial enthusiast and his professional interest in women and child health.