The pandemic has pivot the norms in so many fields, especially in the wellness and yoga scene. Live and group classes are now volatile to the ever shifting situations of the current conditions that the pandemic has brought us; to our life, livelihood, well being and our practice on the mat.

We at Earth & Air aspire to provide virtual yoga classes; one to one and group sessions online via zoom. Our classes are suitable for beginners or current practitioners. Our yoga style of  practice is based on Hatha with some influence from Ashtanga based practice and the flow of modern yoga styles. 

Our class duration is 60 minutes sequenced for multilevel practice.

Our Hatha sessions are suitable for beginners to learn the basic poses. The Hatha style flow suits multilevel practitioners especially for adventurous and enthusiastic beginners who loves to discover and up for a challenge.

With the intention of bringing the mindful experience to our practitioners, our sessions starts with Pranayama (breath works) and we close our sessions mostly with a relaxing short yoga nidra (sleep) and a mini crystal bowl sound bath session.

Our Hatha & Dynamic Flows are based on vinyasa and modern style of yoga focusing on movements & mobility.

Discover your style of yoga practice and journey with us at Earth & Air & hope to see you on the mat!